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Petergoffness ha preguntado hace 5 meses

Birdman is one of my favourite films of all time, and while I’m sure people who are really into Surrealism in film maybe laugh at that film being mentioned, there are elements in it that were, I guess, surreal, and it really intrigued me.
I think it’s something that should be explored more commonly with intention because a lot of people do unrealistic stuff in a cheap way.
But these moments that, show a world that was once depicted as realistic having occurrences of reality being warped for the sake of art. Really connect with me and I would love to see some recommendations!

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FinnelIke ha respondido hace 5 meses

I really like Birdman for his big idea and beautiful plotting. Everything in this film is incredibly well thought out down to the smallest detail. I think it could definitely get a golden Oscar statuette. I downloaded it for the first time on my device using Pirate Bay and that’s when I managed to find my favorite movie. I realized it after a couple of minutes of watching it and now I can’t forget the whole action.

BriannaBr ha respondido hace 5 meses

Thank you for the helpful recommendations. I needed a new movie because I am hard to get interested in. Any genre was interesting to me and now I finally found what I needed.

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