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In general, if you are an extrovert, it is easier to make friends in person. But is it actually easy? Is it convenient and does it not consume a lot of time? That depends. If for any reason making friendships online seems more attractive to you, then you are in the right place. We can help you by giving you some tips on how to start making friends online and to start flirting online. Here are six ways to do this:
Send messages
If you started a conversation with someone on an online dating site, hoping to go on a date with them, then make sure you are visible. You can do this by leaving sending messages more frequently. This does not mean that you should send lots of messages at the same time. Ideally, you should engage in a conversation at regular intervals. Don’t disappear for days, since that will only cause people to forget about you.
Ask more questions
If you only talk about yourself, after a while, you will be your only audience. This is not only because talking constantly about yourself is boring, but also because it is annoying for other people. Of course you can talk about yourself, but also ask questions about the other person. Give other people the opportunity, or sometimes even a little push, to talk about themselves as well.
Be friendly
Instead of only writing messages with words, use pictures and emojis to express yourself. Most of the time plain words will not be able to convey what you want to say. This adds the need to add more expressive items to the conversation. Don’t go too frisky or spicy at the start though, as that can discourage people. Use the extra signs wisely. If used incorrectly, they can indicate anger; if used correctly, they can show kindness.
Be polite to everyone
Don’t intimidate or harass people when you’re trying to pick up girls on an online dating site. If someone is rude, choose to ignore them instead of picking a fight. Only argue if you think it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Kindness will bring more friends your way, and so will courtesy. So, don’t be harsh. Don’t abuse people or insult them. Avoid using sarcasm where it’s not appropriate.
Be open-minded but wise
Don’t shut people out when they ask you a normal question just because you don’t like it. Be nice and open. Talk about your interests and opinions. However, don’t be so open as to give out all your personal details. When it comes to giving out information about yourself, you should be careful. Share only details that don’t matter or can’t be used against you.
Offer help
Another way to make more friends online is by offering help to people when they need it. Be someone who is always there to offer sound advice. Don’t offend people and don’t act like a wise guy when you are helping someone. If you help people just to brag about it, you won’t make friends.

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