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Acute pain serves as a warning sign for the body and is usually resolved once the underlying cause has been treated. It is typically managed with over-the-counter or prescription medications.
Definiton of Acute Pain
Acute pain is a type of pain that is severe and sudden in onset, typically lasting for a short period of time (less than 3 months).
It is often caused by injury, surgery, or other physical damage to the body. Acute pain serves as a warning sign for the body to protect itself and seek medical attention if necessary.
It is usually treated with pain medication and other therapies to reduce discomfort and promote healing.
Causes of Acute Pain
Acute pain is a short-term pain that is typically caused by a specific event or injury. Some common causes of acute pain include:
1.) Physical injuries:
These include cuts, bruisessprainsfractures, and burns.

2.) Infections:
Bacterial infections, such as pneumonia or appendicitis, can cause acute pain. Best medicine Aspadol 100mg, Tapal 100mg, Soma dol t 450mg And Tapaday 100mg