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Finnellitto ha preguntado hace 5 meses

My daughter and I like watching movies together. She’s always liked horror films, but recently, her favorite genre has been the creepy cult movies like Midsommar and Hereditary. I find these movies pretty entertaining…a fun change of pace from the typical jump scares. They have just the right amount of “what is going on right now??” to them where you have to think about it afterwards and try to figure out what just happened. Are there any other movies like these?

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Hranio82 ha respondido hace 5 meses

If you want to impress your daughter, suggest she watch Mirrors. This movie shocks me every time, honestly. I already downloaded this using the pirate bay on my PC and it helped me to have such a masterpiece of motion pictures on my device. I can also recommend Curse of Annabelle to you because it is another horror movie that I would like to point out as a cool and scary movie.

AnnaBobrova ha respondido hace 5 meses

I would advise you to watch some soap operas because I’m not good at movies. If I had to choose among soap operas, I would choose Punisher because it is one of my favorite soap operas. Seriously. You’re gonna love it.

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